It all started when…

I left London, friends, broke up with my boyfriend (at the time) and quit my full-time job to travel the world (alone), for nearly a whole year! Some people might say it was a ‘quarter life crisis’ ( just turned 25), but in my opinion, it was the making of me and the best decision ever made.

The travel bug was real, once started - I didn’t want to stop. Whilst travelling, you very quickly run out of money (I did) - especially when you’re not earning, so I knew there needed to be a way to earn and travel at the same time. After hours of teaching myself how to use a DSLR camera and figuring editing techniques on Lightroom - The Wondering Dreamer was finally born towards the end of 2016.

A LITTLE BIT OF BACKGROUND and my decision to take the leap…

Having trained at Norland College for 2 years and then spending a further 12 years nannying for private families around the world (whilst building my account), with the support of my boyfriend and having saved enough money, I was able to take on The Wondering Dreamer as a full-time job. Crazy right?! I am still pinching myself.
NOTE: This isn’t a paragraph to gloat on how amazing life is - it’s a message to tell you not to give up on following your dreams, whatever they may be! There are days when I want to shut down my Instagram account, through my phone across the room and SCREAM at the top of my voice - but I know any job gives you that feeling, c'est la vie.

Being a full-time Instagram creative does mean you’re obligated to being on your phone 5-7 hours a day (sometimes more), and that can effect your everyday life (social and love). So much learning and growth has to be had about getting the balance between what’s work and what’s life. I’d love to say it’s as easy as pressing ‘SHARE’ and suddenly growing thousands of followers overnight, it’s not. The hours have to be put in.


Maybe you’re not interested in becoming a travel blogger, it may be fashion, lifestyle, interior, photography, curating pages (please note I am not using the term influencer, this is another topic entirely) or maybe you’re just reading this out of pure interest! Either way, it’s the same in anything we do - “Energy and persistence conquers all things.”

My message to all you budding inspirational life enthusiasts, create something unique, be individual and above all, be real!

So much love to you all, HUGELY appreciate all your ongoing support with The Wondering Dreamer.

Jess x

As soon as you pursue a dream, your life wakes up and everything has a meaning.
— Barbara Shear