Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by to read my post on our epic road trip around Europe! We were traveling for one month and visited quite a few places; so I can't tell you if this is going to be a short well written post or a long winded rambling one. No doubt the latter!

In April this year, Will and I bought a Mercedes sprinter, with the mindset of renovating it into a mobile home. Will works as a marine engineer, which means working away from home two months at a time, however then being home for two months at a time. This meant on his last stint off work, he had one month renovating the van (AKA Pat), and the other month traveling around Europe with me! So yes, in answer to all your questions, Will's magic hands built Pat in ONE month! I'd like to say I had equal amounts of contribution to this reno, but that would be lying. My contribution was feeding, giving love and support to him when needed. I also had the responsibility in making Pat look pretty, with all the finishing touches that make it comfortable to live in. But the overall gold star goes to Will ;)

I know so many of you want a full blown description on how he built Pat, so maybe I can somehow persuade Will to do a blog post... however, for now you've got a couple before and after shots and a little explanation of what we had in Pat.

We are lucky enough to have both loo (porta potti) and a shower, which is basically a large sink you sit in! Either way, having these two necessities whilst 'glamping' are a vital aspect into making 'one' feel more human! Anyone that says 'you don't need a loo in your van' - is very wrong. This loo was our saviour! Who wants to pee outside in the dark?!!

We had a little kitchen with foldaway table, fridge and oven cooker, which meant we could cook meals every day. We found shopping in Europe was remarkably cheap in comparison to eating out in restaurants. Will had fitted the van with electricity that was run by solar panels on the roof, running water from a pump and gas.

Pat had lots of storage, both upfront and in the back (garage we liked to call it). We ended up bringing way more than necessary, but isn't that always the case?! You never need as much as you think.

IMG_5902 2.jpg

Before renovation

AfterlightImage 2.JPG

After renovation



Just before we left for travels, we decided to put our house on Air BnB using a property management company called Fresh - Air. This hassle free company, provides a top notch service in managing your house whilst your away. They do everything from liaising with guests, handling check-ins, cleaning, laundry and dealing with moody neighbours (if you have them)! We honestly, didn't have to think about a thing.

Amazingly, working with Fresh-Air pretty much funded our trip around Europe! Not only that, we got back to our house that was cleaner before we went away, win win. If you're umming and ahing about using Air BnB but can't handle the rigmarole of messages, liaising etc. Then 100% USE Fresh-Air. We can't recommend them highly enough!