The Geierlay Bridge

This magnificent Geierlay suspension bridge is set in the low mountain range of the Hunsrück in central Germany. It was opened in 2015 and has a span range of 360 metres and is up to 100 metres above ground, it's enough to make you feel a little queasy! If you're not good with heights, I don't recommend it!

There is a large car park where you can sleep over night, it was 5 euros. The walk from the car park to the bridge is about 45 minutes, however we took the bikes. During the day, the bridge is very busy with hikers - we waited until 6pm to get these photos, and there was still a queue of people waiting to take shots after us.

After saying goodbye to this beautiful bridge, it was time to head to Cairns to catch the ferry home!

I never knew time could fly so fast, we had the most amazing trip and we cannot wait to take Pat on another adventure to Scandinavia next year! Whether or not you want to renovate a van, I highly recommend doing a trip like this. It's the cheapest way to see Europe in one go. Our trip cost a little over £3000 for a month on the road, that's including petrol and food. We chose to go through Germany and not France due to how expensive tolls are there. There are no tolls in Germany! Only a few tolls coming towards Italy - but they're 10 euros, not 200 euros!


Thank you ALL so much for reading this post, honestly non of this would have been possible without your on going support to The Wondering Dreamer, so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

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