Blue Sky Bermuda Flight

Hello wonderful people, as always I am so thankful for you stopping by – I hope this post is useful for you in someway, whether you’re planning a trip to Bermuda, or just interested in reading about my experience. Enjoy! x

In all honestly, I didn’t think anything could get any better about this country, but I was wrong.

Last week I went on a flight with Blue Sky where a lovely lady called Heather, took me high above Bermuda.

My initial thought of squeezing myself into a small 4 seated plane did give me tummy jitters, but the moment Heather announced chocks away through our microphone headsets, any thought about my tummy was out the window.

Our take off was effortlessly smooth without any notion of turbulence and within 5 minutes we were flying above Bermuda. The only words I could hear being repeated through my microphone was “WOW, oh my gaaaaaad, wow!!” 

Prior to taking off, Heather took us through a map of Bermuda – and asked if there were any areas we wanted to fly over. One particular area I wanted to see was the Great Sound – where the America’s Cup boats were out practicing. It was unbelievable to see these boats from such a height, my new telephoto lens came in good use.

Although it’s virtually impossible to go on this flight and not take a photo, I think it’s so important sometimes to detach yourself from your gadgets and experience the view! For this reason, I’m tempted to book myself back on this flight without a camera or phone.

Bermuda is outrageously beautiful, the contour of blues, pink sands and coral reefs, everything about this country is spectacular. My Blue Sky experience is without doubt NO.1 on my list of adventures I’ve had in Bermuda.

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The Wondering Dreamer x

Jessica Meyrick