Grotto Bay - Nature Spa

Hello wonderful people, as always I am so thankful for you stopping by – I hope this post is useful for you in someway, whether you’re planning a trip to Bermuda, or just interested in reading about my experience. Enjoy! x

Last weekend I visited Grotto Bay’s Natura spa for the most wonderful spa experience of my LIFE. Photos and words honestly don’t do this Natura Spa justice, you need to book a flight to Bermuda ASAP to try it out!

Grotto Bay Resort unbelievably hosts two beautiful caves – it is said that Sir George Somers who came ashore after his ship Sea Venture got wrecked near Bermuda’s shore in 1609 and he was the first to discover the Prospero’s Cave, this is the cave located on the resort. This cave is now called the Natura Spa. The other cave on the resort is called the Cathedral Cave, this is located next to the Natura spa. Both caves reach depths of up to 30 ft in some areas. You are able to swim in the Cathedral cave but the nature spa cave is restricted for swimming.


As we reached the entrance of the Natura spa, we rang the buzzer; where our masseuse came outside to take us underground. I tried desperately to take a video on my phone, whilst walking down into the cave, but the light is quite dark so unfortunately it didn’t work well, so bring a video camera if you can!

There are three pontoons that sit on top of the crystal clear water, the view beneath is spectacular. As you are walked over the bridge onto the floating pontoons, you feel movement from under your feet. My initial thought was am I going to feel sea-sick as I lie down. But in all honestly the light rocking sensation led me into deeper relaxation  – and I tried VERY hard not to fall asleep throughout.

I had the pleasure of the Natura signature massage, which was spectacular.
You’ll see below, that the spa has a wide range of treatments:

After your treatment, you’re led to a comfortable tranquil area to enjoy a cold bottle of water to re-hydrate yourself whilst soaking in your environment.

This Natura spa experience is definitely up there as one of the best I’ve ever had, and will most definitely be taking a trip back in the future.

Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa
11 Blue Hole Hill
Hamilton Parish, CR04

The Wondering Dreamer x

Jessica Meyrick