Pompano Beach Club

Hello wonderful people, as always I am so thankful for you stopping by – I hope this post is useful for you in someway, whether you’re planning a trip to Bermuda, or just interested in reading about my experience. Enjoy! x

This unique and charming hotel is set against one of the most beautiful back drops in Bermuda. I’m not lying when I say ‘gasping’ is the first thing you do as you drive down the quiet lane towards Pompano Beach Club.

As we arrived into the hotel, we were greeted by exceptionally friendly staff who went out of their way to be accommodating.

Out the back of the hotel are two platforms for you to soak in the never-ending views, 3 hot tubs, swimming pool and a beach with sunbeds. Although the beach isn't enormous, it doesn't feel small, there is plenty of space. It may of been high tide when we stayed there, and the sea wasn't as calm as it normally is. But nevertheless, the sand bank is so vast - you can happily stand very far out in the crystal clear sea (with no seaweed in sight)!

If you're not one for lying on the beach, they're also a vast amount of activities that might take your fancy - such as fishing, golf, tennis, water sports, diving, fitness center and a spa.

Inside Pompano are two restaurants, one upstairs and one downstairs. Also a bar with comfy seating inside and out.

We had our dinner in the downstairs restaurant, where the menu had a wide range of dishes, also they kindly gave us one of the best seats in the house! There is nothing more special than eating your dinner whilst watching the sunset.

I recommend you book your table in this restaurant, prior to eating. It gets busy and its worth getting that prime location.


We were shown our large double bedroom, which consisted with all the necessities – including fridge, phone, air con, fan, sofa and a large bathroom with separate shower and bath.

I highly recommend booking a room with a balcony, it’s not everyday that you can wake up to the most beautiful view in the world.

We thoroughly enjoyed our little stay-cation at Pompano Beach Club, and if this is your first trip to Bermuda and you’re after something a little further from town, with a WOW factor from a view – I’m not sure anything can beat this one!

The Wondering Dreamer x

Jessica Meyrick