Travel Insurance

If you’re thinking “do I really need travel insurance”, the answer is yes. Travel insurance is an absolute MUST.

The first time I said “thank goodness I have travel insurance”, was when I fell extremely sick in India from chronic food poisoning and had to spend time in hospital.

It is inevitable that whilst travelling you’ll either rent or be a passenger on a scooter, and to my knowledge a lot of travel companies don’t cover for scooter accidents – so make sure when choosing insurance, this is covered.

Unfortunately my phone was stolen in Vietnam and after spending 3 hours at the police station filing a report, I finally looked at my Insurance document and it said in teeny weeny writing, only phones that are registered with the insurance company are covered for theft. Did I get round to doing that? Nope! So don’t forget to read the small print.

Always travel with your insurance information on you. Either stored on your phone, written in a journal, or like me … print the documents to take with – which I ended up being grateful for.

The Wondering Dreamer x

Jessica Meyrick