Pullmans International Hotel - Cairns

Whilst visiting Australia, my mum and I decided to do a short trip to Cairns to see the amazing Great Barrier Reef. The journey is super easy from Sydney, only a short 2 hour flight.

We had been booked to stay at the wonderful Pullmans International, which was organised through Accor hotels.

Pullmans International is based in the center of Cairns city, a 5 minute walk from the well known esplanade, where all ferry and boats to the islands depart from. The location was super convenient and a fabulous place to wander around at sunset, there are some lovely resturarnts on the water front.


Inside the hotel, we were staying in a large bedroom, with a FANTASTIC balcony over looking the ocean. The room had all the necessities one might need, ironing board/ iron, bathroom cosmetics, kettle, mini bar and a view.



On the 3rd floor of the hotel, is a large outside pool, jacuzzi, sun-deck and 360 views of Cairns City. There is also a gym, if you're one for exercising on holiday (naaat me)!

The hotel boasts of a beautiful restaurant called Coco's, where it serves the scrummiest international dishes, utilising Queensland local produce to create fresh and contemporary flavours. Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day, so I was pleasantly surprised to see how much they had on offer at the morning buffet. Each area was unique with 'make your own fresh juice' 'ACAI granola station', 'hot breakfast', or even a 'bespoke breakfast' cooked by the chef on display. I was only sad not to enjoy the breakfast for longer each morning, we were on such a time restraint with our tours.

The Pullmans kindly hosted one of their exquisite high teas, which we indulged over for 2 hours. Who doesn't love warm scones, cakes and smoked salmon sandwiches - served with a glass of bubbly...


Fitzroy Island

With the little time we had in Cairns, we knew the best option was to book some tours - this seemed the obvious way to see more what the beautiful country had to offer. However, if I was to return to Cairns, I would also rent a car - there are beautiful beaches all down the coast.

Our first day tour was to Fitzroy Island, where boarded a ferry to the island. From there we had a tour around the reef on a glass bottom boat. I have yet to get a PADI diving course under my belt, which seems absurd considering how much I love the water and swimming, however this is  something to do in the new year. As an alternative to diving, my mum and I went snorkeling off the glass bottom boat around Fitzroy Island. Due to it being 'stinger season', we wore stinger suits, which were silky comfy, kept us warm and protected us from the sun. We fortunately didn't see any stingers, but not worth risking it!

We had the most wonderful experience and as you can imagine, the reef is stunning. The bonus was coming across a bale of turtles in the water, which was enough to make me squeal with excitement through my mask.

Cairns Tours

Our second trip was with Cairns Tours, where we visited Cape Tribulation beach, enjoyed a Daintree River cruise and walked through two spectacular Rainforests, which were estimated to be nearly 120 million years old! I could genuinely feel the presence of dinosaurs's there...

I highly recommend either of these tours - they were jam packed and full of exciting adventures, with the most interesting and knowledgeable tour guides in tow.

One fact we were told on the day was - on average, one person dies a year by a shark attack, however 35 people die a year from a fallen coconut! So whatever you do, don't walk under a palm tree with coconuts hanging from it - more lethal than getting bitten by a shark. Who knew ay!


We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Cairns and it was mainly down to Pullmans Hotel who comfortably accommodated all of our needs. Thank you for having us to stay and thank you ALL for stopping by to read journal.

The Wondering Dreamer x


For more information on the hotel, please visit Pullmans International Hotel

or @pullmancairnsinternational

Jessica Meyrick