Long Beach Mauritius - Part Three

Having gone from South-East to South-West of Mauritius, we then went BACK to South-East towards a little town called Belle Mare.

If you’re looking at staying in Mauritius, I would advise checking out both sides as they’re totally different. I do recommend avoiding what we did though, and that’s go back and forth! Taxis from one side to the other are around 2500 Indian Rupees, which is about £25 and the journey is around 1h30, depending on traffic. I would also recommend bartering… we were told on our last day (from my friend that lives there), that a taxi from Belle Mare to the airport should be 1500 Indian rupees! I know they have to make a living and work along with the hotels, but if you’re not coming from a hotel, then worth a little barter I’d say!

Moving onto our final hotel, Beautiful Long Beach Resort - wow, did we fall in love with this place/never wanted to leave! If the unique design, layout, vibrant, chic interior & architecture isn’t enough to win you over, then the staff certainly will! The service at this resort was FANTASTIC. For example, I had somehow misplaced my battery charger for my canon camera (yes, yes disorganised blonde) - however the staff at Long Beach did everything in their power to sort this out for me. Luckily, their sister resort Ambre had a camera shop - so the head of security kindly drove me there himself!!

Long Beach has over 1.3km of white sandy beach, 3 bars, 5 restaurants (which I’ll move onto), 2 swimming pools (one being adult only), kids club, Spa and 255 bedrooms.


We were given a Junior suite with a sea view - which was absolutely divine! Once settled, we were shown to Sun Beach, which was situated a stones though away from our bedroom. This unique beach experience offers private Cabanas & Cocoons with personal use of IPads uploaded with menus, cocktails and modern reading, free wifi, your own personal silent disco and butler! On top of that, you get to swim in a turquoise lagoon with white sand beneath you - could you ask for anymore? Prices for these cabanas & cocoons can be requested on arrival.

Having plonked ourselves into a Cabana, we were not moving for the rest of the day. Well, we moved to lunch - which they had conveniently set up for us on the beach next to our Cabana! Dreaaamy, I hear you say!


Long Beach and the PR company Riva Global, had kindly put together an itinerary which meant we could experience all that Long Beach had to offer.

After having our wonderful experience on Sun Beach, we ate dinner at Sapori restaurant (Italian) which links onto La Marche restaurant that serves international buffet. To mix things up a bit, I decided to eat the Indian buffet but we sat ourselves in the Sapori side of the restaurant!

There are 5 different restaurants at Long Beach. Sapori - Italian cuisine, Hasu - Japanese cuisine, Chopsticks - Chinese cuisine, La Marché - International restaurant, where the breakfast is also served at. Then lastly, Tides restaurant which is situated on the beach.

Hasu, the Japanese restaurant was most definitely our favourite, the food was DIVINE and I am still dreaming about their famous Salmon teriyaki dish.


La Marce

Huge Continental breakfasts


The following day we woke at 5am to go for a sunrise Kayak, although it was an early rise, it was well worth it for the view. The colours were exceptional and it was a wonderful way to start the day. I highly recommend, if you’re on the South-East side of the island to get yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn and enjoy this beautiful experience.

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Cinq Mondes Spa and Wellness Retreat

Long Beach has a beautiful Spa on the property, where I enjoyed an Aurevedic Massage for 50 minutes. The Spa is situated by a stunning lake and has a really peaceful atmosphere surrounding it. They offer you all sorts of treatments from facial and body massages that rebalance both body and mind.

Swimming Pools

Okay, so I adore children. I mean I worked with them for 12 years?! However, I do love a swimming pool when I don’t have to be near them. When we were told there was an adult pool, I actually did a little scream inside.

Although the main pool is HUGE, with endless sun-beds, the adult pool was just the ticket. We got given a cute little cocoon that looked over the spectacular view and we didn’t move…




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Large Pool

Gazillion sun beds, right by the beach bar.

Ile Aux Cerfs Island – Mauritius

I mentioned briefly above, Long Beach has a sister hotel a short 10 minute drive away, called Ambre. These two hotels work closely with IIe Aux Cerfs island, where there is the famous Island Golf Course. Fortunately for us, we had a day to experience the island. We played golf and ate a long leisurely lunch afterwards on the beautiful beach.

Much similar to our first game of Golf in Mauritius, we could only manage 9 holes. I’d like to say it was the best game of golf I’ve ever played, but it didn’t get off to the best of starts! I hit a tree and my club broke on the first hole, so as you can imagine - it only went down hill from there. The course on the other hand was absolutely stunning, surrounded by water and endless blues! I can see why people come to the island everyday to JUST play golf.

After my hefty ‘golf club’ breakage bill, we were golf- carted to the exquisite beach for lunch. We were given beautiful sun-beds and ate the MOST delicious lobster for lunch. Even if you’re not a golfer - coming to IIe Aux Cerfs island for the day is a MUST. We loved the boat ride over, but the immaculate beach and food is worth the day trip.

We couldn’t have wished for a better last day in Mauritius! Thank you Long Beach and IIe Aux Cerfs island for hosting us, I am already planning a trip back to Mauritius!

Please visit their website for more information. I highly recommend you stop what you’re doing (reading this) and book the next flight to Mauritius!

Thanks for reading, and see you all soon.

Jess x

Jessica Meyrick