Lagos Di Braise

After leaving Roselphina , Will and I drove to a place I had dreamt about for a long time - Lago Di Braises! It was a 1h30 minute drive through the beautiful panoramic countryside. When arriving, we were shocked by how straight forward the parking situation was, we half expected it to be chaotic like Lake Bled, but it wasn't at all! Although, as expected this place was incredibly busy, but fortunately not many people go there to spend the night, unless they're staying in the hotel on the lake. So by the time the sun went down, everyone seem to leave except the few handful of campers in the car park. The morning light was definitely better than the evening, it had softer orange tones hitting the Dolomites and the water is crystal emerald. This was by far, one of the most extraordinarily beautiful, tranquil places we've EVER been to. And if you're in Northeast Italy, you have no excuse - you MUST go!

Everyone is obviously after this iconic shot on the staircase, however the door to this pier is locked in the evening, to presumably stop punters from damaging or stealing boats. BUT, if you walk into the water and step onto the floating pontoon, you're able to get this photo. But DON'T blame me if you get told off, as I am sure it counts as trespassing!



This photo was edited with my Sunset Perfection preset, however it was a sunrise shot!

We were only here for one night as parking was 20 euros, and we had actually got all the photos we wanted by the morning.
Having said that, it would be easy to stay longer there, to really soak in the beauty of this lake.

Unfortunately there is a no drone policy at the lake, such a shame considering how absolutely epic the view would be from up top!

We left Lago Di Braises, to head to another lake called Lago Di Sorapiss, which was a 1h drive away.