What are presets?

Adobe Lightroom is a professional program for photographers all around the world who use the software to create a certain look for their photos. Lightroom presets are individually created filters that make your photo look a certain way. All the presets on my site are the exact ones I use on my photos.

What program do I need for these presets?
If you're purchasing the desktop presets, you will need 'Adobe Lightroom Classic', if you're purchasing for your mobile - you will need to download the free mobile app called 'Lightroom CC mobile'. 

Mobile or Desktop which one do I choose?

Desktop presets are great for those who want to take their photography to the next level. You don't need to be professional photographer to use them - but if you want to step up your photography game, I believe it’s necessary to learn about the process and take advantage of the tools used by the best photographers out there!

Are these presets refundable?

Unfortunately, due to these presets being a file downloaded to your computer, they're unfortunately non-refundable! You cant return a file ;) However, if you're unhappy with how the presets work on your images - get in touch and I will be able to do some adjusting.

Will my photos look like yours?

Every photo is different and you will be working with different lights and shadows. Please be aware you might need to adjust the presets once applied to your photo. I still adjust mine!

Do these presets work on an iPhone photo?

Yes, 100% they work on iPhone photos, many a time I have been without my camera and the iPhone has replaced it! The presets work on JPEG and RAW. However you can use them to their full potential with a RAW photo.

Are the presets compatible with photoshop?

These presets are for Lightroom Classic only!

How do I import the presets into my Desktop Lightroom?

1. Open Lightroom and click on the Lightroom tab in the top left corner of the screen

2. Click 'Preferences'

3. Click 'Presets'

4. Click 'Show Lightroom presets folder'

5. Open 'Lightroom' zip folder (your purchase)

6. Open the 'Desktop presets folder'

7. Drag the preset into that folder

8. Close Lightroom

9. Re-open Lightroom

10. Your preset should be there on the left