This is one of my go to apps for creating pretty templates for your stories. You can buy new templates as they release them.


Doing an advert? This is your app, the templates are amazing!


Totally loving this animated app for stories! If you want to use all the features you have to pay £19.99 yearly, however there are a lot of free templates!


This app has a dynamic range of templates, but has a membership fee - you can’t buy as you go along, which I don’t particularly like.


This app has a lot of good stock images I often use when I am doing an announcement. Love their fonts too!



I only ever really edit on my Lightroom Desktop and Lightoom mobile for my instagram posts.


I hardly use snapseed now, but it does have some great features for editing photos!


I am NOT a big fan of distorting the reality. However, if there is gross rubbish bin next to me and I really want the shot.. I will remove it, using this INSANE app.


I ALWAYS edit on VSCO for my stories. I pay the subscription for video editing too as I am obsessed with their edits.


I am sure you’ve seen people edit their photos with that that scratch effect? This is most likely the app their using! It’s go some amazing textures for photos.


This awesome app lets you create moving clouds!


Love this app! Do you often wonder how people get that rustic vintage look on their videos? This is the app..


This is my favourite video editing app. It’s super easy for editing clips together to make a longer video!


This app is amazing for videos and adding music with moving writing. It’s an alternative to using instagram music.

Stop Motion

Who doesn’t love a gif/ stop motion! This app lets you edit photos into a stop motion video. It’s genius.