Berg Eltz Castle

We started our journey getting the ferry from Dover (UK) to Calais (France) and driving from Calais straight to Germany and our first stop was the magical castle Berg Eltz. We hadn't planned where we were going, but had saved a few insta-spots into our maps. 

Berg Eltz is a medieval castle nestled in the hills above the Moselle River between Koblenz and Trier in Germany. We had never been road tripping like this before, so were totally clueless on where to park, sleep and stock up on water. Whilst driving to Berg Eltz, I was in charge of finding a sleep location for the night and this is when I stumbled across an app called 'Park a night'. This app SAVED our lives. It's a community app for fellow van and motor home goers around the world, and I highly recommend downloading it if you're venturing on a journey like this. The app offers paid and free locations, which we used most times - but in some parts of Europe, you can't get away with not paying!

The app found us a little parking site which was 2 euros a night (not exactly a pocket breaker). This parking place was a 30 minute walk from Berg Eltz Castle.

Having seen this spot spread all over Instagram, we were expecting queues of people trying to get the same shot we wanted, however we were wrong. There were three people there! We were blown away, one by how quiet it was, but secondly by how sublime this medieval castle is in REAL life! We ventured around to the side of the castle to get a few alternative shots, and would have a loved to of flown the drone - but unfortunately it was prohibited.

0U4A0956 (NXPowerLite Copy).JPG

Rothenberg Ob Tauber

After saying goodbye to Berg Eltz, we headed to Rothenberg Ob Tauber, a medieval town in the district of Ansbach of Mittelfranken, the region of Bavaria in Germany.

I love coloured buildings (as you all know) and anything that reminds me of a fairy-tale movie, so I was over the moon with excitement about this place. To our surprise, Rothenberg was HEAVING with tourists - coach loads of people! It was incredibly difficult to get a nice photo without mass bodies being in the way. We stayed 2 nights in a parking lot near by, and got up very early one morning to head to the cobbled streets to capture photos.

0U4A1490 (NXPowerLite Copy).JPG
0U4A1696 (NXPowerLite Copy).JPG

We were unbelievably lucky to get this shot, as the streets were heaving with people. It was also the wrong time of day, as the light was very bright - however it's not much better in the morning, as it's dark and shadowy. I used my Paradise Perfection Desktop Preset to edit this photo.

This photo was taken at 8am in the morning. Quite dark and shodowy, but no people!

This photo was taken at 8am in the morning. Quite dark and shodowy, but no people!

After Rothenberg Ob Der Tauber, we drove to Lucerne in Switzerland, where we stayed for 2 days. The drive was 5h30 minutes, so we stopped en route to have a lunch in the van. The joy about having a kitchen on the move, is you can pull over and eat where you like! Most meals whilst away consisted of meat and salad with the occasionally jacket potato!