Lago Di Sorapiss

WOW, this was one helluva hike but the the reward is entirely SPECTACULAR! Lago di Sorapiss is nestled in the Italian Dolomites with a lake, the most extraordinary colour.

The main base for campers seems to be Cortina d’Ampezzo. However, we drove up to the start of this hike ( Passo Tre Croci) and parked on a grassy verge close by, where we camped there for free! Cortina is a cute little town, but they will charge you 21 euros for a night in a camper. I recommend you drive to Passo Tre Croci, park nearby and head on the hike!

There are different levels on how hard you want to push yourself on this hike, we chose the 'easiest' route, however the last leg to the top (toughest leg), all links up to the same hike!

Unfortunately after hiking for two hours in the sun, we arrived at the Lake for it to pour with rain! Thankfully we managed to sit and enjoy the epic view for about 15 minutes before leaving and hiking 2h30 back down.

Coming down was by far the hardest challenge, although the hike is set up for pedestrians, with wires to hold on to, stairs and bridges - nothing could help how incredible slippery it had become from the rain. On top of that, there were masses amount of people leaving the lake at the same time! So as you can imagine - this wasn't particularly fun. Especially when neither of us had wet weather gear on and you have a boyfriend who has the patience of a two year old when it comes to slow walkers, ha!

I highly recommend doing this hike, and I hope for your sake it's sunny - as this place is honestly out of this world. I can't even try and describe the colour of this water, but I will go describing it as a milky, creamy, turquoise swimming pool.