Lucerne is another picturesque medieval town which is situated next to the Swiss alps on the lake. Due to our handy little app 'park a night', we found this secluded lay-by, which was right on the lake (epic back of the van views)! We were a 30 minute drive from the center of town - but thankfully it was easy to drive to and from, and to park was €1 an hour. Having a large van, makes it difficult to rely on google maps, we never knew if it would take us down a teeny road fit for a Fiet 500 or not. We had in our minds that when arriving in Italy we would purchase bicycles, so the stress of tiny streets that Pat couldn't fit down, wouldn't be an issue anymore.

IMG_0123 2.jpg


This photo was shot on my iphone and edited with my Paradise Perfection Preset.


We left Lucerne and drove to Lavertezzo, which took 2h43 minutes. We stopped off at the James Bond 'Golden Eye' bungee jump en route, and NEVER have I seen something so terrifying. The thought of throwing myself off a dam, towards concrete gives me the heebie-jeebies! The bungee jump was 150 Euros, which is pretty expensive. Will (to my relief) actually declined - however, he'll no doubt go back to do it when I'm not there.

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